Top 5 tips to achieve the best engagement photos!

Congratulations! You just got engaged to the person you love, and this is only the beginning! Getting your engagement pictures done is the perfect way to seal the deal, make it "Facebook official", to show your family and friends and share the exciting news! Well, for that special event we have 5 tips for you to not only get the best experience, but also the most beautiful engagement photos.

1: Taking your engagement photos early!

Let's face it, the longer you wait, the busier you'll be preparing for your wedding. The best thing is to try and get your engagement photos done as soon as possible after your engagement, which will work on your favor. The sooner you take the photos, the fresher the feeling of being engaged will be, and trust me, it will shine through the camera lens! By taking your photos soon too, you'll be able to also meet and talk to photographers who can potentially also take your wedding photographs! Think about it as an interview for the big day!

2: Bring all the props.

Bring more than just your engagement ring to the photoshoot. You can take advantage of this opportunity to get a message across! If you bring props, you can get very creative and take a picture or two that you can use for your wedding invitations, among other things. Not to mention, some of the most memorable pictures we've taken have props in them, this is because props tend to bring out a person's true self, their silly side, their creative soul.

3: Location, location, location!

Don't be limited to taking photos where you got engaged. Go somewhere you really want to take pictures at! Take advantage of the opportunity of having a professional photographer with you and go to different locations. Remember that these photos can be so much more than just your engagement photos.

4: Bring outfits.

If you're going to multiple locations, think about the scene, where you're going, and bring an outfit change that compliments that location. If you're taking photos at one location only, still, bring another outfit. When you have multiple outfits to choose from, you are opening the door to countless creative possibilities.

5: Be yourself.

Even though this one should go without saying, most people are not comfortable being in front of a camera. Forget that there is a camera there and just be yourself, have fun! The photographer can tell you how to pose, but he/she can't tell you how to be you. Trust me, when you begin to be yourself and loosen up, that's what takes any photo from being great, to amazing!

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